Social Media Scheduling

Automate your social media posting on Facebook, Twitter and Lindedin. You can schedule, review, edit, post text and image posts to social media campaigns (unlimited accounts). As well as seeing performance of your post with stats and graphs.

Social Media Scheduling Service, Free social media planner

Self Service - Social Media Management 

SGD 98 per month using our powerful control panel
(Note: Our Paypal merchant is trading under Thhep International Pte Ltd)

Keep track of all your social media marketing need clients via our powerful control panel. It's easy to create campaigns, schedule content and view statistics.

An overview of Control Panel Tools
Social Media Automation 
The HOME icon will bring you back to this dashboard screen at any time. As you navigate around the various tools and features you will find this help icon will display guidance for the area you are in.

Social Media Automation - Streams 
Your social streams page allows you to view and interact with your Twitter or Facebook activity without leaving this control panel.

Social Media Automation - Scheduler 
Any scheduled content will be listed here.
To create/schedule new content click on the CREATE NEW MESSAGE button.
To amend any scheduled content click on the pencil icon.
To delete a scheduled item click on the cross icon. Please note that you can only amend or delete an item up to 15 minutes before it is sent.

Social Media Automation - Stats 
By replacing links to your site with a link redirect we are able to track most clickthroughs to your website from your social media campaign. Graphs are displayed for the data we've collected for your website. To specify a specific date range to display, simply complete the date fields at the bottom of the stats page and click search.

Google is very good at recognising (and ignoring) automated robots, spiders and crawlers from your Google Analytics site statistics. We do our best, but the data doesn't always match Google's (they have more data!). You'll find the number of robots, spiders and crawlers that we have identified under the overview.

Social Media Automation - Content Research 
This handy area allows you to search Google news, find relevant YouTube videos, locate trending social content and much more. It's easy to add or schedule this content to your social channel(s) with a simple click.

If you have regular searches you can save them as a tab for easy access in the future.

If you search Google News it will automatically search in your country of origin for the news (UK, US, SA, CA, AU, NZ) based from your location in your account details.

Social Media Service - Trial

Free Trial with Login Demo to Control Panel

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